Top 10 Women’s Nike Air Huarache Colorways

snakeskin print black and white women's Nike Air Huarache

All Black

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Nike Air Huarache black colorway

This all black women’s Nike Air Huarache has been one of the most popular women’s Nike Huaraches since its release. You can buy it online at the link above for $109.99. The re-release of the 1991 Nike Huarache has been the most popular women’s Nike release since the Nike Roshe Run’s release in 2012.

PRM Hot Lava

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womens nike air huarache prm hot lava

The women’s Air Huarache Run Prm “Hot Lava” is the latest women’s Nike Huarache release. It was released in April 2015 following a lot of anticipation. The all red women’s Air Huarache can be found online at eBay where it sells for an average of $160. It is possible to find cheap women’s Nike Huaraches on eBay if you check product listings regularly.

White and Lime

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light green, blue, and white women's Nike Air Huarache

This blue, white, and green women’s Nike Huarache was inspired by the ‘Scream Green’ men’s Air Huarache colorway. The ‘Scream Green’ colorway was one of the original Air Huaraches to be released back in 1991. White leather balances out a Flash Lime and Clearwater Blue neoprene sleeve on this shoe.


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Nike Air Huarache Gold Bronzine Bronze UK with white sole

This is the most popular but also the most expensive women’s Air Huarache you can buy right now. The all gold Huarache for women is also called the Bronze or Bronzine Air Huarache. You can expect to pay anywhere from $230 to $400 for a pair of women’s gold Air Huaraches on eBay so look at all the listings to avoid overpaying.


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all white womens nike air huarache

This women’s all white Air Huarache is one of the most popular Nike Air Huaraches for women during summer months. During winter months the all black women’s Air Huarache takes over. This summer was has been a good season for all white sneakers, for example the all white Juvenate has also been a hit.


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womens nike air huarache-black aloha floral

Three different women’s Nike Air Huaraches were released in the ‘Aloha’ style in 2015. There was the black pair pictured here, a pink design, and a red design. All three are for sale at the link above. The floral Air Huaraches for women feature ‘Aloha’ flower graphics on the neoprene sleeve.

Light Bone

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womens nike air huarache light bone white

The light bone women’s Air Huarache was released in April 2015. The light beige Air Huarache arrived at international retailers first before hitting the shelves in the US. eBay is where to buy women’s Air Huaraches in light bone now that the initial stock has sold out at stores.

White and Pink

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Women's Nike Air Huarache White_Fuchsia_Artisan Teal 99.99

This colorway is straight out of the ’90s with its predominantly white upper and strong clashing colors. White leather covers the pink fuchsia and green Artisian Teal sleeve. Black hardware finishes off the retro nineties design.

Blue Force

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The metallic women’s Air Huaraches have been some of the best selling Air Huaraches ever. You can buy this Blue Force Air Huarache, a metallic silver colorway, or a gold colorway. You can buy them online at eBay in both the US and UK.


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premium nike air huarache metallic silver with silver laces and white sole.

Add a touch of bling to your shoe wardrobe with these metallic silver Air Huaraches for women. The shoe is completely metallic silver apart from a chunky white midsole.

Wolf Grey Violet

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Women's Nike Air Huarache Wolf Grey-Retro-Persian Violet-blue

This Wolf Grey and Persian Violet women’s Nike Huarache is another 2015 release. By now it has sold out completely so the only place you can buy it is online at eBay. The grey, silver, white, and blue shoe is a good colorway coming up to fall because it is not too bright and not too dark.

Snakeskin Print

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Nike-Air-Huarache-Snakeskin-black white print

Women’s Air Huarache print colorways are few and far between which is a shame because as this snakeskin colorway shows they look great. This black and white women’s Air Huarache features a snakeskin pattern along the neoprene sleeve.