Where to Buy Adidas ZX Flux Colorways

Men’s Sunset Photo Print

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red and yellow sunset adidas zx flux for men

This orange and yellow photo print colorway is form the Adidas “Sunset” pack. The Sunset pack is exclusive to Champs Sports. Other prints in the pack include a black and white palm trees print and a blue version of the one you see here.

Women’s black and white polka dot

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Women's adidas ZX Flux Core Black:White:Polka Dot

October 2015 saw the release of the first ever women’s polka dot ZX Flux. The black canvas upper is covered in white spots, a white heel cage, and white stripes. In the first half of 2015 a range of colored men’s polka dot colorway were released.

“Neutron” Dark Blue/White

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Adidas originals zx flux neutron pack dark blue and white

This is another of the ‘Neutron’ colorways that were released at the end of 2014. On this shoe a dark blue upper is covered by a white lightening like graphic. The third colorway in the Neutron collection was black with a white patter. All colorways are for sale online at Champs Sports.


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3M Adidas-ZX-Flux-Xeno-reflective-multicolor-min

This is possibly the coolest Adidas ZX Flux ever released. The plain black 3M material becomes multicolored when under direct light. This colorway was released in February 2015 for the All Star weekend. It is part of the Adidas Xeno collection which was inspired by an asian snake species. You can buy the reflective ZX Flux Xeno at eBay.


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This “Ocean” ZX Flux colorway features a blue and white waves graphic print. Judging by its strong sales since its March 2014 release, it is one of the best Adidas ZX Flux colorways ever released.

“Multicolor Prism”

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The “multicolor prism” colorway was released in March 2014 as part of the Adidas Photo Print pack. It was part of the first wave of photo pack sneakers, Adidas have since released more photo print ZX Fluxs, most recently in August. The Multicolor Prism colorway was one of the most in demand sneakers in Spring 2014. Another of the original photo print sneakers was the ocean print which was almost as popular. You can find the prism colorway for sale at the link above.

Multicolor Barcelona Floral

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Adidas ZX Flux Bahia Glow

This colorway is known as the ‘Barcelona Floral’ colorway. It hit the shelves on the 24th of September 2014. The Multicolor Prism colorway has been one of the most popular Adidas ZX Flux shoes so far, but this multicolored floral print has been under appreciated so far. Judging by its increasing resale value, this is beginning to change. You can buy the Barcelona floral colorway online at eBay.

Space Print

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Adidas ZX Flux colorway

This Adidas originals ZX Flux “space print” or “galaxy” colorway was released in Fall 2014. It is Adidas’s contribution to the hot trend of space themed clothing and footwear. The shoe features a space print on a canvas upper, black stripes, and a white sole. With galaxy and space themes being so popular at the moment it is no surprise that this is one of the best Adidas ZX Flux shoes you can buy online right now.

Women’s “Butterfly” black and white

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black and white butterfly adidas zx flux for women

This black and white women’s butterfly colorway has to be one of the most beautiful sneaker colorways released in 2014. The black, grey and white print looks like it’s made up of flowers, but on closer inspection you will see the pattern is in fact butterfly wings. If we were to make a list of the top ten best Adidas ZX Flux colorways for women, this shoe would definitely make the list.

Palm Trees

This black and white palm trees Adidas ZX Flux is a 2015 release. It features the same palm trees print that was previously seen on the Roshe One a few years ago. The black and white photo print colorway is currently reduced to $80.99 at the Champs Sports online store.

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adidas zx flux black and white palm trees print

Men’s Multicolor Spot Light

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multicolor adidas zx flux graphic spot light print

This multi color, polka dot spot light print is one of a number of graphic colorways released in March 2015. Bright blue hardware covers the textile ZX 8000 upper. One of the most popular zx colorways ever was the multicolor prism colorway so the success of this design was no surprise.

All Black

all black Adidas Originals ZX Flux

The all black ZX Flux is a great wardrobe staple. The classic design and the plain color make it a very versatile shoe. Currently the two top selling Fluxs at the Footaction online store are this all black colorway and an all red one. Both of which you can find at the link above.

Men’s Prism Black, White

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The multicolor prism colorway was one of the first ZX Flux colorways to be released. It was hugely popular but unfortunately it is no longer available in stores. Instead Adidas has brought out this black and grey prism colorway for men. The multicolor prism design was a summer release and this black and grey prism design is ideal for winter. Champs sports or eBay is the best place to buy Adidas ZX Flux shoes online.

Women’s Black and White Weave

Women's black and white adidas ZX Flux Weave Black-White

Plain white stripes and a black heel overlay the cloud like dark grey and white graphic upper on the latest women’s weave ZX Flux. An advantage of this shoe is that you can wear it with any outfit. The bright colors on the other colorways look great but it does mean you’re limited when it comes to what to wear.

Women’s Weave Graphic Print

Women's adidas zx flux weave pattern black red blue green

This women’s zx flux weave colorway eschews flashy multicolor patterns for a more subdued Fall/Winter look. The navy weave upper features unobtrusive patterns, flowers, and birds colored in blue, red, white, and green. Plain white stripes and laces continue the laid back design.

Men’s White, multicolor sole

Men's adidas ZX Flux Print all white, multicolor sole

This is the first all white ZX Flux for men ever released. A multicolor lining and midsole adds a splash of color. The contrast between the plain white upper and the multi color sole and lining leads to a very striking design. This colorway is now on sale at Finish Line’s online store with $15 off.

Men’s Red and Black

Men's Adidas ZX Flux originals red scarlet black

There have been various iterations of red and black ZX Flux colorways over the past year, this colorway is the most recent. A white pattern similar to that used on the ‘space’, or ‘galaxy’, colorway covers the scarlet red upper of this shoe. Black stripes, laces, sole, and lining keep the design minimalist and streamlined.

Women’s Snake City print

Womens adidas zx flux tokyo city snakeskin

This women’s ZX Flux was released in March 2015. The vinyl snakeskin upper features a city lights photo print. It is being referred to as both the “snake city” and “Tokyo” colorway. Out of all the city colorways for this shoe, this is one of the best so far.


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Adidas ZX Flux Trees

This black and white Trees colorway comes from the “pattern pack”, it was another summer 2014 release. This is a beautiful sneaker, the white upper features a photo realistic tree pattern in black and grey. The last nature themed colorway was the ocean colorway which stole the show in April, it is predicted that this will one of the most talked about Adidas sneaker colorways this fall.

Women’s Black/Purple

Womens Adidas ZX Flux black and purple

Adidas have been releasing great men’s colorways all year, and yet we’ve had to wait until the end of September for a women’s colorway. Fortunately, this colorway is every bit as good as the ones we’ve been seeing for men. It has a black upper, purple light graphics, white speckles and a white sole. Champs Sports is where you can buy the Adidas ZX Flux for women online.

“Black Reflective Snake”

Adidas zx flux reflective snakeskins

The Reflextive Snake colorway is not to be confused with the “Snakeskin” colorway that was released this year as part of a collaboration between Adidas and SneakersNStuff. This colorway was released over the summer along with another grey version, as a two part “Reflective Snake” pack. You can also pick up the grey version at Footaction. The reflective upper features a snakeskin pattern beneath black mesh. A green sock liner, pink Adidas logo on the tongue, and blue accents on the heel brighten the shoe up, making it more casual than the all black “snakeskin” colorway.