Top 10 Sneakers of the 90’s

1. Nike Air Trainer SC I and II

The Nike Air Trainer SC I and II are classics of the 90’s. These were designed specifically for gym time, running, jogging and otherwise working out. They offer the wearer the best in sole and ankle support and the tieless laces offer a snug fit that allows you to do what you need to do without your shoes becoming loose. The cushion support and the rubber waffle print on the bottom make for excellent traction no matter what surface you are on.

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2. Vans Half Cab’s

Who remembers these awesome shoes? If you do you must be a 90’s baby! These are the Vans Half Cab’s that were released in 1991. It was made to be a skater shoe with a round toe and the suede on the upper part of the shoe. These were one of the chunkiest sneakers to date.

3. Jordan Retro 6

jordan retro 6 white:infrared 23:black at footlocker

This is the Jordan Retro 6 and it was released in 1991. This shoe is the first Jordan model that contains an inside bottie for extra comfort and a pull tab inspired by the Porsche. Michael Jordan wore these during the MVP finals in 1991. They come in a special box inside of a box to there is no chance of damage during delivery and/or travel.

4. Reebok Pump Omni

reebok pump omni zone White _ Violet _ Blue _ Blc

In 1990 the Reebok Omni Pump was one of the most popular gimmicks in the history of shoe wear. Having the pump on the tongue of the shoe is one of the most revolutionary ideas in the history of foot wear. This model became the most popular that Reebok put out to date, that is second best actually; the best is awarded to the Reebok Pump Court Victory worn by Michael Chang, a famous tennis player.

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5. Asics Gel Lyte III

The Asics Gel Lyte III was first introduced in 1991 (apparently this was a good year for the sneaker industry!). This popular sneaker was designed to be lightweight so as a running shoe it would give the wearer maximum performance. The upper part is made of mesh for breath ability and the entire shoe is very flexible. They are also a great shoe for absorbing any type of shock and come in a large variety of colors.

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6. New Balance M998



When popular shoes come to mind, New Balance may not be first in your mind. However, the New Balance M998, released in 1993, was made specifically for runners who had large body frames. The design is quite sleek and extremely simplistic which bodes well for versatility outdoors. It contains some features that are modern and some that are retro, making this shoe the best of both worlds.

7. Nike SB Dunk

nike sb dunk high 'tiffany'



The Nike SB Dunk was an extremely popular skater shoe during the 90’s. The reason being is that it was (is) a very stable shoe with a low profile that helps improve ground performance. This was the first shoe that Nike put its patented Zoom Air Insole. This model spawned other Nike shoe concepts and still does.

8. Nike Air Flight Huarache

nike air flight huarache

The Nike Air Flight Huarache came out in 1992 and was designed with only the basic needs in mind. These were inspired by the Mayan sandal and include a bootie inside that is much like elastic socks. The outer shoe only has what you need to have support and snug comfort. This shoe may look like a heavy shoe but it is actually very lightweight. It is comfortable and breathable. It doesn’t get much better than that.

9. Nike Air Jordan IV



The Nike Air Jordan IV came after the mega success of the Nike Air Jordan III. Designed in 1989 it was released in 1990. This design was different from its predecessor in that it concentrated more on how the shoe performed rather than the look of the design. All of the best things about the previous Air Jordan’s were put into this new shoe and it worked out fantastically! One interesting point about this shoe is that it can be laced up in 18 different ways so you never have to have the same look day after day.

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10. New Balance 1500’s


These New Balance 1500’s were put out on the market in 1993 and quickly became one of the most favored and popular shoes of the 90’s. This is a simple shoe made of the ever popular suede, mesh and leather. It is one of the 90’s most classic running sneakers that fit comfortably and have a modern and retro look combined. The inside has amazing insole support and they come in a variety of colors to suit every personality.

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