Top 10 Nike LeBron XI Colorways

1. Nike LeBron XI “King’s Pride”

To start of the list, we have to go with one of the first LeBron 11 colorways to be released, the LeBron 11  “King’s Pride” colorway. It was released in October 2013. The inspiration for the King’s Pride colorway comes from the King of the Jungle. The shoe is inspired by some of the traits LeBron shares with a lion, namely; speed, power, agility and bravery. The floral lining on the collar is a reflection of the jungle theme. The lion theme was continued with the Nike LeBron 12 which has a ‘Heart of a Lion’ colorway. have these Nike Lebron XI colorways. Get up to $40 off with a Champs Sports coupon.

2. Nike LeBron XI “Gamma Blue”

For our second colorway we choose one of the other early releases, the Nike LeBron XI “Gamma Blue” colorway. This shoe was released globally in November 2013. Nike and Jordan were bringing out a lot of Gamma Blue colorways around this time.  These have a armory slate grey and gamma blue upper, and a fluorescent blue Nike swoosh.

3. Nike LeBron XI “Miami Heat Away”

The Nike LeBron XI “Miami Heat Away” colorway obviously takes its inspiration from LeBron’s team colors. This was another of the Nike LeBron 11 releases from 2013. They have the simple black and shiny red upper. These are one of the simpler looking Lebrons, yet they still seem to pop, and have a very classic color combination of red and black.

4. Nike LeBron XI “Miami Nights”

The Nike LeBron 11 Miami Nights colorway came out in November of 2013. At this time it was also sometimes referred to as the LeBron 11 “Carbon Fiber” colorway. Clearly inspired by LeBron’s time spent in Miami.  They have a nice south beach color combo of light blue and pink to go with the grey, and black carbon fiber.


5. Nike LeBron XI “Terracotta Warrior”

At number five on the list of best best Nike LeBron 11 colorways comes the Lebron XI “Terracotta Warrior” colorway. This shoe was released in China on the 1st of October 2013, and then globally two months later. These shoes follow a similar design to many other Lebrons 11s. They have mostly grey and silver all over, but have a purple sole, a purple swoosh, and the inner lining has several designs in aqua. This LeBron 11 colorway was inspired by the Terracotta warriors in China, which LeBron visited in 2011.


6. Nike LeBron XI “Graffiti”

This is the first 2014 colorway to make it onto the list of best Nike LeBron 11 colorways. The Lebron 11 “Graffiti”colorway has been borrowed from the LeBron 4. This colorway features a Miami Heat color scheme, graffiti graphics, and a red lining.


7. Nike LeBron XI “Black History Month”

We had to put the Lebron 11 “Black History Month” in the list of  best Nike LeBron 11 colorways. Every year the Black History month pack is one the most anticipated collections of the year, and Lebron brings it with his share of the collection. He gives a black upper with purple soles, gold linings, and tribal patterns all over.

8. Nike LeBron XI “Christmas”

These are some pretty insane looking Lebrons here. These shoes are the Lebron 11 “Christmas” colorway. This colorway was released as part of Nike’s christmas pack in 2013. Lebron shows off the bright, out there nature of his shoes with these bright aqua shoes, lined with red, and snowflake designs throughout.

9. Nike LeBron XI “Gator King”

Next is the Lebron 11 “Gator King” colorway. The glow in the dark Hyperposite panelling and shiny Purple Dynasty upper made this the coolest Nike LeBron colorway ever to be released when they dropped in February 2014. This was one of the colorways released as part of Nike’s “All Star Pack”.

10. Nike LeBron XI “Forging Iron”

Now to top off our list of  best Nike LeBron 11 colorways. we see yet another bright and out there shoe in the Nike LeBron 11 “Forging Iron” colorway. The entire shoe, from the upper to the lower is bright orange, with small little accents of yellow here and there. According to Nike, the Urban Orange color represents the color of iron when it is most malleable. The fade effect on some parts of the orange represent sparks, while the color of the swoosh represent the iron when it’s cooled. have these Nike Lebron XI colorways. Get up to $40 off with a Champs Sports coupon.


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