Top 10 Adidas Derrick Rose Shoes of 2014

Here is the list of the ten best Adidas Derrick Rose shoes in 2014.

1. Adidas D Rose 4.5 – Black and Light Scarlet

The  Adidas D Rose 4.5 was unveiled on the 30th of December 2013. This Adidas Derrick Rose 4.5 black and red colorway is one of six Adidas D Rose 4.5 colorways that were unveiled that day. Part of the Adidas Derrick Rose signature collection, this stylish Adidas D Rose 4.5 black and red sneaker features a myriad of textures and patterns. Chunk soles, zebra-like striped overlays and diamond patterning on the heels add to this complex shoe. Primary shades of black and grey, it’s accented by red trim and signature rose logos. adidas Rose 4.5 Black:Black:Light Scarlet

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2. Adidas D Rose 4.5 Clear Grey, Light Scarlet and Dark Onyx

This is another of the original Adidas D Rose 4.5 colorways. This lighter version of the famous Adidas D Rose 4.5 sneaker is white, with stunning silver accents and silver with black speckled soles. White outsoles, red laces and matching red tongue and trim are the perfect finishing touches for this flashy basketball shoe. The Adidas D Rose 4.5 uses the most advanced technology of any Adidas Derrick Rose shoes.

adidas Rose 4.5 Clear Grey:Light Scarlet:Dark Onix

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3. Adidas D Rose 4.5 White and Black

The textures of this signature Adidas Derrick Rose 4.5 black and white basketball sneaker are still complex, despite the fact that it is starkly black and white with no added coloured trim. Statement diamond patterning on the heels, black laces dotted with white and a touch of sparkle to the grey sole make this a sharp and sophisticated sneaker. This was one of the Adidas Derrick Rose shoes released in April 2014.

adidas Rose 4.5 White:White:Black

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4. Adidas D Rose 4.5 Light Scarlet, Pop and Black

The color combination for this Adidas D Rose 4.5 red and black colorway really makes a statement. Bold red uppers are complemented by black accents, iconic diamond patterning on the heels and grey and white soles. Hints of gold make it a glamorous shoe. adidas Rose 4.5 Light Scarlet:Pop:Black

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5. Adidas D Rose 773 Black, White and Light Scarlet

The Adidas Rose 773 line pays homage to Derrick Rose’s hometown and area code in Chicago. This Adidas Rose black and red colorway is an aggressive sneaker. It pairs thick, detailed soles with a premium leather upper accented by basket-woven like sides. Primarily black with just a few hints of red and white, it’s a strong design. adidas Rose 773-black:white:light scarlet

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6. Adidas D Rose 773 White, Light Scarlet and Black

Inspired by Rose’s hometown, Chicago, this tough sneaker has an instantly recognisable design. This Adidas Rose 773 white and black colorway has a bright white sole and upper make a perfect contrast for the black accents and tongue. Hints of scarlet red on the tongue, stitching and heel break up the monotony, and the mesh cutaways on the sides really stand out. adidas Rose 773 -White:Light Scarlet:Black

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7. Adidas Rose 4.0 Light Scarlet, White and Black

One of the most iconic Adidas Derrick Rose shoes ever produced, the Adidas Derrick Rose 4.0 red and black edition boasts an unusual blocking system on the colorway, with even the sole following suit. Completely red from the toe to mid-shoe, including the tongue, the heel section switches sharply to being entirely black. Only a white rose on the tongue, black laces and a touch of white outsole break it up.

adidas Rose 4.0 - Light Scarlet:White:Black

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8. Adidas Rose 4.0 Aluminum, White and Black

A three colour combination for the iconic Adidas Rose 4.0, this sneaker has a tough, almost icy look to it. The front of this Adidas D Rose 4.0 grey and black colorway is primarily grey,including the sole, until it abruptly changes to black. Standby diamond patterning on the heels, red piping, a black tongue and white outsoles are the finishing touches. adidas Rose 4.0 -Aluminum:White:Black

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9. Adidas D Rose 3.5 Blue Zest, Pop and Dark Onyx

One of the most creative colour combinations for any of these Adidas Derrick Rose shoes, the many layers and textures on this Adidas D Rose 3.5 really pop. Black soles, blue zest upper, pop red laces and accents and shiny black heels make this a vivid and electrifying style statement.

ADIDAS ROSE 3.5-Blue Zest:Pop:Dark Onix (champs sports)

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10. Adidas D Rose 3.5 Black, Light Scarlet & White

Back to a colour combination more traditional for Adidas Derrick Rose shoes , this edition of the Adidas D Rose 3.5 is red, white and black. Classic hues on the colorway don’t mean “ordinary” by any means, however, as this sneaker is just as complex as other Adidas Derrick Rose shoes. Cutaway pieces, layering and multiple patterns and textures form a bold look.ADIDAS ROSE 3.5-Black:Light Scarlet:White