Top 10 Air Jordans of All Time

1. Air Jordan 1

The list of top 10 Air Jordans of all time rightly starts with the first ever Air Jordan. First released in the eighties, it is now enjoying a retro comeback. With premium leather construction and the ultra-comfortable, trademark Air Soles, this sneaker is a modern take on the original Jordan 1, which has been popular since its release in 1985.White soles with red outsoles are complemented by red and white leather uppers, stitched together beautifully. At the ankle is a black leather accent met by a white tongue, and further styled by the branded Air Jordan logo. Black laces and swooshes pull the look together. This colorway is the Air Jordan 1 retro “High Bulls” colorway. The Chicago Bulls inspired colorway was rereleased in December 2012. It had last been seen in 1994. Use our Air Jordan 1 buying and style guide to find out where to buy Air Jordan 1 retro high sneakers.

air jordan 1

2. Air Jordan 4

Almost more like a skate shoe than a basketball sneaker, the Stealth features a unique design. With what’s being likened to an “Oreo Cookie” like pattern on the sole and creative blocking on the upper, it’s definitely a departure from other Air Jordans. The multi-tonal black, charcoal, grey and white colour palette for this shoe is sophisticated. This is the Air Jordan 4 “Stealth Oreo” colorway. This OG colorway was rereleased in 2013.


3. Air Jordan 6

This is one pair of Air Jordans that couldn’t be left off of any list of the top 10 Air Jordans of all time, this is the pair of Jordans that Michael Jordan wore when he won his first championship back in 1996. With classic basketball court shoe appeal, this sneaker was released for the 1990-1991 NBA season. “Infrared”, white and black soles are paired with a clean white upper, and accents include extra black eyelets for creative lacing options, black laces, heel straps and black, ribbed tongues. This the Air Jordan 6 retro “Infrared” colorway. It was released in 2014. The original Air Jordan 6 white/infrared colorway was one of the first Air Jordan 6 colorways to be released in 1991.

air jordan 6
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4. Air Jordan 10 Steel

This sleek sneaker was inspired by Michael Jordan’s rookie season and subsequent incredible career. Balancing modern styling with retro touches, it’s clean and simple without being dull. This is thanks in large part to the smooth, white upper and innovative black and grey details around the lacing. This Air Jordan 10 “Steel” colorway is a retro comeback from 1994.



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5. Air Jordan 17 OG Varsity

This radically styled sneaker stands out in Nike history. The classic white and red colour combination aside, the red side accents feature the Air Jordan logo and the flaps across the laces, connecting to the eyelet area, provide a unique touch. Blue accents around the heel complete what is a futuristic yet all-American design.


6. Air Jordan 20 OG Quickstrike

Another unusual design from Nike, this is a basketball shoe like no other. While the sole, premium leather upper and lacing pattern appear similar to other Air Jordan editions, the ankle area really sets it apart. The majority is cut away, leaving a sturdy strap to surround the ankle.


7. Air Jordan 22

Often referred to as the greatest pair of Air Jordan ever made, these incredibly popular sneakers were released on Michael Jordan’s 44th birthday in 2007, and inspired by his rookie NBA playing season. Thus making the Air Jordan 22s an obvious choice for the top 10 Air Jordans of all time. The cutting edge design features a sharp black and white upper with clean lines, black white and silver sole, camouflage-like heel patterning and black piping. The laces are tucked away discreetly.


8. Air Jordan 2010

Designed to mark the 25th anniversary of the iconic Nike shoe line, this model balances classically popular styling with modern updates. The features that make an Air Jordan recognisable are still present, including the smooth, premium leather upper and overall shape. However, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith have got creative with this edition, adding in a round TPU window on each side for maximum effect.


9. Air Jordan 2012 Varsity

The 2012 varsity is a classic Nike with an aggressive twist. Designed in tribute to Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls, it maximises on their iconic uniforms and team colours. Black on black soles and uppers feature different textures and premium materials, while the only colour to break it up is red. Red tongues, logos and pulls at the heels contrast beautifully with the rest of the sneaker.


10. Air Jordan XX8

To finish off the list of top 10 Air Jordans of all time is the most recent Air Jordan sneaker. The twenty eighth Air Jordan was released in 2013.The lightest Air Jordan basketball shoe to date, this high-tech model is sleek and versatile. Primarily red and white soles are topped with carbon fibre-look, stealth synthetic uppers, which zipper over top of red tongues and laces in order to maximise their aerodynamics. For a stylish, off-court look, the zippers can be partially undone and the covers folded over, revealing the red accents underneath.


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