Top 10 Air Jordan 7 Colorways


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air jordan 7 bordeaux

One of the original Jordan 7 colorways, the ‘Bordeaux’ colorway was first released in 1992. It was released again in 2011 and resale prices rose quickly. A 2015 release has made the Bordeaux colorway cheaper for now. eBay is where to buy the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux online. Black, Bordeaux, Light Graphite, and Midnight Fog are all used on this retro shoe. This is the most expensive Jordan 7 currently, regularly selling for over $250 on eBay.


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air jordan 7 vii hare white and red

The Air Jordan 7 Hare has been the biggest retro rerelease of the summer. It is just one of a number of Air Jordan 7 OG colorways being released in 2015. The all white colorway with small amounts of color captures the spirit of early 90’s sneakers and MJ’s glory days. You can find the Air Jordan 7 Hare for sale at the link above.

Barcelona Nights

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Air Jordan 7 Barcelona nights

The Air Jordan 7 “Barcelona Nights”, also called the “Marvin the Martian”colorway, was released this year along with a “Barcelona Days” colorway. Both colorways are commemorating the olympic gold Michael Jordan and the dream team won in Barcelona in 1992. The Barcelona nights colorway takes inspiration from Barcelona’s vibrant night life.


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Air Jordan 7 Raptor 2012 black, red, purple

The Black, True Red, Dark Charcoal, and Club Purple Air Jordan 7 “Raptors” colorway hit the shelves in September 2012. Thanks to the relatively recent release date it is one of the cheap Air Jordan 7s (relatively speaking). The best Air Jordan 7 colorways sell on eBay for about $200 each, the Raptors colorway is for sale at about $150.


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Air Jordan 7 olympic 2012

Released in 2012, there was speculation in 2014 that a remastered Olympic colorway would be released this year. However, there’s been no official news this year and speculation has died down. This means eBay is where to buy the Air Jordan 7 Olympic colorway for the moment. Despite its popularity, the resale prices are varying dramatically. You can get buy a cheap Air Jordan 7 for just over $100 if you put in the time to find a good deal.

French Blue

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French blue air jordan 7

The French Blue Air Jordan 7 first appeared in 2002, now on the Jordan VII’s twenty third anniversary it is getting a remastered version. The mainly white colorway features sparing amounts of French Blue, University Blue, and Flint Grey. A nice break away from the OG styles, anybody would put this colorway on the list of best Air Jordan 7 colorways.


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Air Jordan 7 Orion blue, white and Infrared

The Orion Air Jordan Retro 7 released in April 2015, it is the first this colorway went on sale since 2011. The Orion Blue model is in high supply and as a result is one of the cheap Air Jordan 7s you can buy online. Unbelievably, given its initial $190 retail price, it has been selling for as low as $60 on eBay.


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air jordan 7 retro raptor

The Air Jordan 7 Cardinal was one of the most anticipated Jordan releases in summer 2011. eBay is where to buy the Jordan 7 Cardinal online, you can buy it for as cheap as $60 if you’re lucky. The Cardinal colorway follows the same design as the other original 1992 colorways, predominantly white with small amounts of color on the sole, ankle and tongue of the shoe. In this case red, gold and black are the colors of choice.

Champagne – Championship Pack

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air jordan 7 champagne championship pack white black gold

The two part Air Jordan 7 “Championship Pack” is the most recent Jordan VII release, hitting shelves in June 2015. The Cigar and Champagne colorways retailed at $250 each and are now for sale on eBay for anything between $200 and $300 dollars. The colorways are inspired by Michael Jordan’s back to back NBA championship wins in 1991 and 1992.


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Air Jordan 7 n7 white, light blue, grey, black

The Air Jordan VII n7 is another June 2015 release. The white and turquoise colorway was released as part of Nike’s N7 pack which contributes financially to sports programmes for native americans. eBay is where to find the Air Jordan n7 for sale.