Top Men’s Adidas Originals Court Attitude Colorways

1. AAdidas Originals Court Attitude Black/Hi Res Red/Collegiate Royal

You can buy the blue and black Adidas Court Attitude at Footaction.

adidas originals court attitude  Black_Hi Res Red_Collegiate Roya

This men’s Adidas Originals Court Attitude black, blue and red colorway uses simple colors on the silhouette, keeping the aesthetics classic and elegant. Light scarlet and black leather teams up with tonal overlays on this street-ready black and blue Adidas Court attitude. Contrasting branding adds flavor, with a dual tone midsole giving the sneaker a clean finish.

2. Adidas Originals Court Attitude Black/Light Maroon/White

Royalty is a not word often associated with the Three Stripes, and this Adidas Originals Court Attitude maroon colorway decked in black and maroon is royalty alright. Dominated by light maroon, black patches pop up all throughout highlighting the hidden branding while white creeps in through the contrasting midsole.

adidas originals court attitude  Black_Light Maroon_White

3. Adidas Originals Court Attitude Light Scarlet/Matte Gold/Black

Black and gold shades make a retro return on this updated classic, giving a royal turn to the Adidas Originals Court Attitude colorway. Red accents make the perfect cameo along the toebox, completing the royal color trio while a band of white on the midsole grounds this electrifying palette.

Champs Sports stock the Adidas Originals Court Attitude red, gold, and black colorway.

4. Adidas Originals Court Attitude Light Scarlet/Tech Gold Metallic/Black

Red is the universally accepted code for cool on the sneaker scene and this colorway oozes loads of it. Everyone’s favorite shade takes centre stage on this Adidas Originals Court Attitude silhouette with noir tones gracing the tongue and sides. Metallic gold accents highlight the three stripes and branding, while sitting on a pure white outsole with a band of black to boot.

adidas originals court attitude  Light Scarlet_Tech Gold Metallic_Black

Footaction stocks many of these colorways.

5. Adidas Originals Court Attitude Ray Green/White/Pride Ink

Despite a range of exciting Adidas Originals Court Attitude colorways, this sneaker collection is notable for the absence of cool blue shades that have become a staple of every major sneaker line. Multiple shades of blue blend in on the upper while a touch of green adds a unique touch to this classic summer colorway.

adidas originals court attitude  Ray Green_White_Pride Ink -at champs

6. Adidas Originals Court Attitude Silver/Collegiate Purple/Infrared

Striking colors are the rage this summer, and nothing is more striking than this pulsating grey and purple Adidas Originals Court Attitude colorway. Silver takes over the upper as a mainstay than an accent, while bold colors in purple and infrared dominate the accents lending the colorway its summer vibe.

adidas originals court attitude  Silver_Collegiate Purple_Infrared

7. Adidas Originals Court Attitude White/Vivid Blue/Tan

This latest retro-inspired colorway from Adidas Originals Court Attitude line comes street-ready, combining the classic three-stripes design from the 80′s with modern day detailing. Despite maintaining its high-top profile, these Adidas Originals Court Attitude white and blue sneakers have a slimmer look, with a stylish toe and sleek ankle making for a nice on-feet design.

adidas originals court attitude  White_Vivid Blue_Tan

8. Adidas Originals Court Attitude Black/Light Scarlet/Dark Green

A sneaker full of contrast, this silhouette ups the amp on colorful shades. Black retains pole position on the silhouette, while pool green and scarlet take up the accents giving them their fair share in the sun.

adidas-originals-court-attitude-Black_Light Scarlet_Dark Green

Available online at  Champs Sports.

9. Adidas Originals Court Attitude Black/White

Despite the influx of colors lately, the subtle black and white palette continues to be a hot favorite on the sneaker scene. This Adidas Originals Court Attitude black and white colorway dons an all-black palette while across the upper lies a hybrid skin design peppered with ventilation hole detailing. An aggressive sneaker, it pairs thick, detailed two tonal soles with a premium leather upper accented by pure white branding.


Footaction stocks many of these colorways.

10. Adidas Originals Court Attitude White/Light Onyx

This classic silhouette’s inspiration is steeped in history, going back to the 1972 Olympics when athletes were on the lookout for a sneaker that could rock the medal ceremony. This colorway sees the sneaker dressed up in a light onix shade, giving it a real chilly stance while the Three Stripes pop up on the sides, perfectly complementing the light paletted exterior.

adidas-originals-court-attitude-White_Lighy Onyx - at fta

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