Jordan 4 Retro Ginger Wheat

Ginger wheat colored leather sneaker boot with leather laces and Jumpman logo on the tongue

The Jordan 4 Ginger is the latest deluxe version of the Air Jordan 4 sneaker series. The sneaker’s release date was on Oct. 29th, 2016 and they are sold in shops and on the internet for the price of $400. They are made of wheat-colored leather(hence the name Ginger) with a quilted insole for extra comfort and deluxe design.

The iconic Jumpman trademark signature is present on the sole and tongue of the sneakers. The design of the sneakers and the ginger wheat hue is thought to be inspired by the Timberland boots. A gum sole was added on the bottom to complete the design.

Air Jordan 4 Retro Premium Wheat

The wheat colored sneakers can be considered a hybrid between a boot and a sneaker. The lightweight feel and design of a regular sneaker is combined with the sturdy leather and color of regular boots. Nike has had other models that mixed leathery boot looks with sneaker designs, so this Jordan Retro 4 Ginger is not totally ground breaking.

The Jordan Ginger 4 sneakers are part of a wider retro catalog released by Jordan. The Jordan line is constantly refreshed and updated, with variations in different designs, detail-oriented craftsmanship, premium quality, and fresh seasonal colors. This way the brand manages to keep up with tendencies and trends, constantly molding a new aesthetic to fit modern times.

The Jordan brand has a reputation for the re release of classic and iconic designs, while adding deluxe features and premium changes. With the Jordan 4 Ginger, Jordan follows the classic tradition, by offering the public and the fans this wheat, pumpkin colorway to fit the fall of 2016. It also features boot-like laces and the iconic Jumpman logo, this time without being stitched to the surface.

The Jordan 4 Ginger series are made of leather entirely, inside and outside, except the sole, with the extra gum surface added. Even the laces are made of leather. You can also change them with the waxed ones that come with the package as a reserve.

Heels of the Jordan Ginger 4s with Jumpan logo


The history of Jordans dates back to 1985 and is linked to basketball and Michael Jordan. This is the year when Nike made these series signature for MJ. Ever since, Jordans have transformed continuously, constantly changing and improving, coming in all kinds of innovative designs and crazy colors. Nowadays the Air Jordans are one of the most popular lines from Jordan. MJ contributed a lot to their fame, by wearing them during his career both on and off the court. The sport shoes are very durable and reliable with high top bulky look.

The Jordans stood the test of time and have 29 series, each one having unique design, and a history behind the look. For example one series incorporated DNA strands and MJ’s fingerprint. Jordan sneakers have all kinds of unexpected inspirations included in their designs.

You can find the Jordan 4 Ginger for sale on eBay or in stores. You can also find alternative colors with different materials for this series. Similar models can incorporate textile materials, plastic parts, plus more vivid colors such as blue, green, red and yellow. Slight variations on design, stitches, trademark sign and sole are also available. Textile materials and shiny surfaces are successfully and harmoniously incorporated, each contrasting each other.


Browse through a versatile catalog of categories and models, and it’s safe to say you’ll find at least one pair that will look great, feel super comfortable, lightweight, made of quality materials with extra care and high crafting standards. Choose the pair that best suits your needs. Make sure you authentic Ginger Jordans in order to have the best possible experience. Buy from a trusted retailer, official website or from authorized dealers.

The Jordan 4 Ginger model has had positive reviews overall and buyers seem happy with their quality, design and durability. Even though some would argue about the price being high, their seasonal look, premium leather, and deluxe design justify the price. Whether you’re a longtime Jordan sneaker fan, or a new enthusiast, these sneakers will blend well with this season in aesthetics and trends, making a great wear for the coming cold season of 2016/17.

Further details and customer reviews can be found throughout the internet. Make sure you check HD photo shots from varied angles and videos posted from buyers.
The Jordan 4 Retro Premium line has been launched in 2016 and has enjoyed a great feedback so far. The Premium Ginger 4 followed with a release date on October 29th. Apparently the wheat colorway leather seems to be a reaction to the Japanese Hender Scheme’s copy of the Jordan 4.

So if you’re looking for a new quality pair of sneakers for the fall season and are willing to make a long term investment then go for the Jordan 4 Premium Ginger Wheat. Just like most Jordans, the sole comes with a shock absorber on the heel area. The Wheat 4s can be worn for casual outdoor activities or when doing sports, whether for performance or amateur purposes. They have found the most popularity among basketball players and the urban and hip hop community.