The Best jordan 5s

Fire Red


Fire Red 5s are considered among the best Jordan 5s by sneakerheads. There are two types; the OG Fire Reds which were released in 1990, and the retro re-releases from 2006 and 2013. Thanks to the multiple releases of the Fire Red Retro 5s you can buy them on eBay for under $100.

Instantly recognizable, the Jordan 5 Retro pays homage to its namesake with a clean, classic design. On this shoe the red, black and silver sole sits under a premium white leather upper. A black tongue and Jordan’s number 23 are the finishing touches.


White, blue, and yellow retro Laney 5s

Laney 5s are one of the most iconic Jordan designs, and a firm favourite amongst sneaker enthusiasts. Like all the best Jordan 5s it is immediately recognizable. The clean white upper and laces make the colourful accents appear in sharp contrast. The sole of the shoe is primarily blue with a hint of yellow, and the tongue is a coordinating blue with yellow trim.

The retro Laney 5 takes its name from Michael Jordan’s high school, Laney High. The Varsity Blue, Varsity Maize, and white represent the school’s colors.

The Laney 5s were released on May 10th 2000 with a retail price of $120. Despite the Jordan Laney 5 being one of the most popular Retro 5s it is for sale for under $100 on eBay. Of course if you are a collector who wants an original 1990’s pair you will need to spend quite a bit more.


The Grape 5s are one of the four OG Jordan V colorways. The shoe was released in the summer of 1990 and perfectly captures the aesthetic of that time. The styling, caught between the eighties and the nineties, is quintessential old school cool. The all white upper and laces provide a backdrop for the purple Grape and New Emerald green sole.

Fortunately the Jordan 5 grape has had retro releases in 2006 and 2013 so you can find Grape 5s on eBay without any difficulty. With a bit of patience you can find a pair of these shoes for under $100.

As well as the white and ice Jordan Grapes, there are also black grape 5s. The black grape 5 sneakers are a more recent release, they dropped in June 2013.


Oreo 5s

Oreo 5s are now the most popular Jordan retro 5 colorway but they are not an OG colorway. The original Air Jordan 5 colorways were; Fire Red, Grape, and Metallic Black. The Air Jordan V was released in February 1990.

The Jordan 5 Oreo was released on black Friday 2013 with a retail price of $170. 2013 was the 23rd anniversary of the original Jordan 5s, a significant anniversary since 23 was Michael Jordan’s number. To celebrate the important milestone Jordan released a number of fresh colorways. The black and white Oreo 5 has been the most popular of these releases.

The black and white design is sharper and cleaner than the 90’s designs. Only hints of grey are seen in the laces, on the front of the tongue and the mesh cutaways on the sides. The black on the sole features a speckling similar to that of the Oreo cookie. For the majority of sneaker collectors, this is one of the Jordan 5 retro colorways they buy first. Another iconic black and white retro Air Jordan is the Air Jordan 11 ‘Tuxedo’.


Glow in the dark retro Jordan green and blue sneaker

The Jordan Doernbecher 5 was released in 2013 as part of the Doernbecher Freestyle program. The program, which started in 2004, is a collaboration between Nike and the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Oregon. Just like all Doernbecher Jordan sneakers, proceeds from sales of these db 5s went towards the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

The shoe was partly designed by Isaac Arzate, age 12, who was a patient at Doernbecher. His family finished the design after he passed away, adding words from a poem he wrote and his baseball jersey number. Isaac first came to OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital after having a heart attack during basketball practice. Three months later he passed away after a second heart attack.

The sneakers were sold with a flashlight, laser, and black light combination. This was to pay tribute to Arzate’s passion for video games and also to make the text readable.

DB 5s are for sale on eBay with prices set as high as $1500. Don’t be put off by these prices, Doernbecher 5s usually end up selling for closer to $700.

Bel Air

Grey, purple, and black retro Bel Air 5s

With an El Cappy-inspired interior and coordinating exterior, the Jordan 5 Bel Air is a playful basketball shoe. The premium grey upper, black eyelets and laces are spiced up by a purple sole with lime green and blue accents, which tie together nicely with the patterning inside the shoe and on the back of the black tongue.

Oregon Ducks

Green, black, and yellow Jordan 5

In vivid Oregon Ducks team colours, these sneakers make a bright style statement different than the typical Jordans, which often possess a hint of their namesake’s Chicago Bulls’ colour scheme. Bright green uppers contrast nicely with the grey mesh cutaway sides, black and yellow soles and black and grey trim, tongue and laces.

Shanghai Shen

Black, blue, and yellow Jordan Shanghai

Drawing inspiration from the popular Laney 5s, the AJ 5 Shanghai Shen features a stunning black, Varsity Maize yellow and Varsity Royal blue colourway. The grey mesh cutaways really stand out in contrast, and gold accents on the outside of each sneaker are a coin like Asian-inspired design.


Blue, black, and white retro Fluff Jordans

Incredibly soft with their plush interior and premium leather, the Fluff is a cushy and luxurious sneaker. Seen here in a striking blue, black and white colour scheme, the traditional Jordan design only hints at the comfort you’ll feel when you slip a pair on.

Raging Bull

red and white Jordan sneaker

This fiery colorway pays homage to Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls NBA team, and was originally released in 2009. The bold red suede upper is offset perfectly against grey eyelets, a white tongue with grey trim and interior, clear mesh cutaways and the trademark black and white sole. This model features red tips on the sole’s jagged accents.


White and orange Jordan V sneaker with laser pattern

This Jordan 5 Laser sneaker features a white, Solar Orange, Army Olive, and grey sole with jagged accents, and a stark white upper with laser-like patterning applied over top. The sides are cut away to reveal a grey, mesh-like material underneath, and although the laces are white some additional colouring is present around the tongue and ankle.

The lasers colorway is part of the jordan retro 5 range. The release date was January 18th 2007 and the original retail price was $175. Today eBay is where to buy the Jordan 5 Laser online where they are for sale for under $200.