The Best Jordan 4s

White Cement

White low top Jordans with black and grey sole and red jumpman logo

Two cement Jordan 4s were among the four OG Jordan 4 shoes that were released in 1989. On the 10th anniversary of the Jordan IV sneaker a retro line was released. Included in the retro relaunch were both the White Cement 4 and the Black Cement 4. Thanks to a third and fourth release in 2012 and 2016 respectively it is easy to find White Cement 4s for sale online at eBay. The 2016 Cement 4s dropped after a period of rumors and speculation. Two releases so close together is very unusual and just goes to show how massively popular this colorway is. 2016 prices were set at a hefty $220.


black and red low top Jordan sneaker with grey sole

The Bred 4s were one of the OG Air Jordan 4s, released in 1989. 2012 saw the Bred 4 get a retro version as a way to mark its 23rd anniversary. As 23 was Michael Jordan’s number it was a special milestone. The Bred colorway, named for its combination of black and red, is arguably Jordan’s most well known colorway. It first appeared on the Jordan 1 back in 1985. Despite the fact that it’s now over thirty years old the design still has mass appeal. The classic aesthetic of the Jordan 4s particularly suits the simple black and red design.


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AJ retro IV oreo

Originally released in 1999, the Jordan Retro 4 Oreo has been one of the most anticipated sneaker releases of 2015. Already completely sold out of stores, eBay is where you can find the Jordan 4 Oreo for sale online. An all black leather upper, a black outsole, and a white midsole with black speckles in between is what gives this popular colorway its name. On ebay the cheapest Jordan 4 Oreos are selling for $140 so with a bit of time and patience you can get a good deal.

This shoe has had two releases, the Jordan 4 Oreo Retro+ in 1999 and the Retro LS Oreo 4s in 2015. The colorway is officially known as ‘tech grey’ but sneakerheads still stick to the less dull, ‘Oreo’, nickname. The 2015 Oreo 4s went on sale at $190 but they can be bought for cheaper than that online now.

Toro Bravo

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Fire red joran retro iv toro bravo

This 2013 release was modelled of the red suede Jordan Retro V from the Toro Bravo pack. This colorway was widely anticipated in June 2013, the all Fire Red upper meant it had a lot in common with numerous other classic Jordans. The nubuck leather is Fire Red with Cement used on the lining and outsole. Originally retailing at $160, currently you can get Jordan 4 Toro Bravos at eBay for anywhere between two hundred and three hundred dollars.


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retro 4 Laser sneaker

As part of Jordan’s thirtieth anniversary celebrations these Laser 4s got a global release in March 2015. The Jordans 4 Laser was released as part of a pack so you can also get the laser pattern on the AJ 1 and AJ XX. You can get the Retro 4 Laser online at eBay. Cheap Laser 4s are for sale at about $150 at eBay. Most pairs are selling for at least $200. Easily one of the coolest Jordan 4s ever, with print colorways unusual back then the laser print Jordan IV was way ahead of its time. There is only one IV colorway that is more unique than the lasers Jordans and that is the Ginger Wheat 4s.

The colorway pictured here is the Laser Silver, but there are another two laser colorways. The first is a mostly black 2005 release and the other is a white, black, and Varsity Red pair.


Black and yellow low top sneaker with mesh side panels and jumpman logo

The Jordan Retro 4 Thunders were first released in 2006. The colors were taken from the Jordan Motorcycle team colors. The black and yellow Jordans came with a zip up jacket and the whole package cost an eye watering $500. A few days before Christmas 2012 the Retro 4 Thunder returned with a more affordable price tag of $160. The final release to date was in 2013 when the Thunder colorway went on sale as part of the Thunder and Lightning pack. The pack included the Lightning 4s which are yellow and grey.

Military Blue

Blue and white Jordans 4 shoes

These Military 4s are another OG AJ IV colorway. This is one of the cheapest retro 4 colorways, it can be picked up on eBay for under $100. The design is simple yet elegant; the predominantly white shoe has a grey toe, Military Blue mesh side panels, Military Blue Jumpman logo, and a Military Blue midsole. 2006 and 2012 retro releases means that these white and blue jordans are in good supply.


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Teal, white and black retro sneaker

As a break from the Jordan IV OG releases in 2015, a brand new colorway was released, the retro 4 ‘Teal’. It may be a new colorway but it retains the same retro feel as all of the best retro 4 Jordans. All of the leather upper is teal with turquoise accents around the shoe making it pop. eBay is the best place to buy the Teal 4s. Prices vary wildly but there are some good deals if you take the time to find them. A good deal on this shoe means any price under $180 but some Teal Jordan 4s have sold for as little as $140 recently.


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air jordan 4 retro columbia

Just like the Oreo 4s, this “Columbia” Jordan Retro 4 colorway was originally released in 1999. The shoe was released again in January 2015. The Columbia colorway is special because it was the one of the first non-OG colorways released for the Jordan IV. The Air Jordan 4 Retro Columbia is for sale at the link above. In general it will cost you somewhere around two hundred dollars. The Air Jordan 11 Columbia is one of the best known Columbia colorways, it was released in 2001.

Green Glow

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Green Glow Air Jordan 4 retro Grey, white, black, green glow

Released in August 2013, dark grey, cement grey and black are used on the upper while white and green glow is used on the sole. Disappointingly the Air Jordan Green Glow 4 doesn’t actually glow! You can order the Green Glow Jordans online at the link above. Current eBay prices are anything from one hundred to two hundred dollars.