Best Jordan 11s


Black and red high top Jordan sneaker

Jordan 11s are perhaps the most popular Air Jordan ever. The Bred 11s pictured here combine the classic shoe with the iconic Bred colorway. For any given Air Jordan line the Bred colorway, if it exists, is always among the most popular. The black and red design which first appeared on the Jordan 1 in 1985 has just as much appeal today as it did over thirty years ago.

The Bred name comes from combining the colorway’s key colors; black and red. On the release of Bred 11s Michael Jordan was often seen wearing them on the court. They were the most fitting colorway for on the court action because they matched the colors of his team, the Chicago Bulls. He even wore these shoes when he led the Bulls to another championship by defeating the Seattle Supersonics.

Air Jordan 11s first hit the market in 1995 with a price of $125.00. Bred 11s were one of the OG colorways, along with the black and white Concord colorway, and the white and blue Columbia colorway.



The Jordan Retro 11 Low has, if anything, been more sucessful then the Retro 11 high.

Many popular 11 colorways are available only on the Jordan 11 low such as; the Cherry colorway, the Snakeskin colorway, the Georgetown colorway, the Citrus colorway, and the infrared colorway. The 11 lows are available in Bred and Concord styles too.

Legend Blue

jordan 11 retro legend blue

The Legend Blue 11s look like a 90s colorway with the predominantly white upper and only small amounts of color. In fact the Legend Blue Jordan 11 was released in December 2014. Actually, they are pretty much just a slight update of the OG Jordan 11 Columbia.

The retro look has made it as popular on the resale market as some OG 11s. Despite frequent restocks, demand is high enough to keep the price up to around $240 on eBay. The most recent restock was in April 2016 so it is still possible to find Legend Blues in stores.

The Jordan 11 is most well known for its iconic patent mid-section. Released at the same time was an often forgotten about shoe, the Jordan 11 IE, which was a low top shoe with the defining feature of an animal print midsection.

Space Jam

Jordan 11 Space Jam

The Air Jordan Space Jams were first worn by Michael Jordan in the NBA Playoffs in 1995. The following year the Spacejams were immortalized when MJ wore them in the movie Space Jam. They weren’t available to the public for another four years. In December 2000 the black, blue, and white Jordans were released for sale at $125.

Further releases came in December 2009 for $175, and December 2016 for $220. The 2016 release was one of the most anticipated Jordans of the year with the Retro closely mimicking the original. OG features include the large white 45 on the heel and the white along the cut of the patent leather.

Gamma Blue

air jordan 11 gamma blue

Shortly before Christmas 2013 the Jordan Retro 11 finally got a new colorway, the Gamma Blue. There was a lot of buzz in the lead up to their release, although the announcement of the Red October Yeezy 2 release date did take some of the attention away from the Gammas.

The black, Gamma Blue, and Varsity Maize shoe cost $185. Restocks in 2014 and 2016 largely caught up with demand and on the resale market they are some of the cheapest Jordan 11s. You can find the Retro Jordan 11 for sale for about $90.


Black and white Jordan retro 11 with black Jumpman logo and  ice sole

The Concord 11s are one of the OG 11s. The classic black and white colorway has had many retro releases since then in both high top and low top form. It took only five short years for the first retro release to come in 2000. Concords are widely considered to be the best Air Jordan 11s ever released.

Cool Grey

Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey

The Cool Grey Jordan Retro 11 was released in March 2011 and immediately sold out. At the time the muted all grey design was novel, there hadn’t been a Jordan quite like it before. Due to the Cool Grey Retro 11’s popularity, Jordan released Cool Grey colorways for a number of other AJs.

One of the things that makes this Retro 11 so special is that even though it’s not an OG colorway, it’s an original Retro design that had never been seen on any other sneaker.

Further releases came in 2010 and 2014. Prices are variable, for OG Cool Greys it costs close to $500 but later versions will cost anywhere between $100 and $300. Prices are partly dependent on the size. The Cool Grey Retro 11 is one of those shoes that doesn’t have a clear resale price so with a bit patience you can get a bargain.



The DMP 11s were released as part of Jordan’s Defining Moments Pack. The two sneaker pack also included a pair of Jordan 6s. The DMP 11 Jordans look like an improved Concord 11. The same black and white upper and ice sole is present. The most noticeable differences are the gold eyelets and the Jumpman logo on the heel which is gold instead of black.

This was a premium release so the DMP 11s came with a gold dog tag on the right shoe which featured the details of the sneaker.

The whole Defining Moments Package cost $300 on its release in 2006 but today you can expect to pay anything over $600.



These all white Jordan 11 anniversaries dropped on May 1, 2010 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Jordan signature sneaker. Due to their special nature there have been no restocks and it is unlikely that there will be any restocks in the future. Any pair of Anniversary Jordan 11 Retros that you buy will show slight yellowing due to their age.

The Anniversary 11s were also known as the ‘silver anniversary’ colorway because of the use of metallic silver on the all white shoe.